About Orenji and Me

It all started with a "I want to create a bridge between Japan and Spain"

and then, It became "From Valencia, to the whole world"

Guias oficiales Valencia.
Visitas guiadas Valencia. Turistas japoneses

​Name: Javier Martínez Soliva

Age: 30

Hobbies: Traveling, cooking, sports, video games, history, reading

Favorite food: Spanish omelet, ramen, paella

About Me

In 2008, I decided to learn Japanese and in 2010 after graduating from the Japanese school Kudan Institute, I realized that I wanted to work in a job where I could use Japanese and Spanish. After coming back from Japan, the dream of creating a bridge between Japan and Spain began to appear in my head, so in 2011, while I was studying tourism, I made free tours for Valencia to my japanese friends.

In 2013, after graduating from a tourism junior college, I worked for years as a translator / interpreter of Japanese-Spanish in many fields and in different companies, photovoltaic energy companies and catering companies.

In 2017, I came back to Spain with the intention of using everything I had learned so far and with the renewed desire to connect Japan with Spain. Also I got my  Official Tourist Guide License.

In 2018, I created Orenji with the intention of connecting Spain with Japan and to show tourists how exciting  is Spain, and above all, Valencia. But after a while being a Tourist Guide and interpreter for Japanese and Spanish, I realized that it was not enough. So I decided that I would not only focus on Japanese or Spanish-speaking people,  but that I would show people from all over the world, whether in Spanish, Japanese or English, my precious C. Valenciana and Spain.

In september 2018 fui I was the Tourist Guide in charge of the Fam Trip organized by the Valencian Agency of Tourism to some of the most important Japanese Travel Agencies.

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-Born and raised in Valencia

-Official Tourist Guide License

-Member of the association of guides "Official Guides of the Region of Valencia"

-Tourism junior college

-Japanese spoken JLPT 1 (highest level of Japanese official exam), in addition to having lived and worked in Japan for more than 3 years.

-English level B2

About Orenji

Orenji was born from the idea of creating a bridge between Japan and Spain. So, we started doing guided tours for japanese people as well as translatations and interpretation services (Japanese-Spanish-Japanese). 
But we liked so much to show our land, that we decided to transmit to all the people of the world how exciting Valencia and Spain are.

Foundation: January 2018

Services: Tourist guide, translation & interpretation services

Representative: Javier Martínez Soliva 

NIF: 44888396D

Address: Maestro Bellver 27/4 46018 Valencia Valencia Spain

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Visitas guiadas Valencia y traducciones Japonés Inglés Español. Orenji