Let's break the language barriers, and let's get them that we want to transmit

In Orenji, we have more than three years of experience working in the field of translation and interpretation of Japanese-Spanish and vice versa, in fields such as photovoltaics or restoration.

That is why, in Orenji, we know the importance of trust, respect for deadlines, as well as the knowledge necessary for translations.

Our fields of expertise are tourism, gastronomy / restoration and photovoltaics, but we are currently working in various fields, both in translation and interpretation

Language pair translation service

Japanese ー Spanish

English ー Spanish

Language pair interpretation service


At Orenji, we understand that it is not easy to entrust a translation to someone you do not know, that is why we offer a translation test service of Japanese-Spanish of 300 kanjis or of English-Spanish of 200 words *


* The availability of this service may vary.

Some of our customers

・Valencian Tourism Agency

・Generalitat Valenciana

・MFV Solar


​・GB Translations


・Solaer Japan, KK


・Kyudo Valencian Association


・Jointo Entertaiment S.L.

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