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Valencia guided tours

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Private Tour






"We have been very happy to enjoy both Peñiscola and Valencia in a way that you can not when you go in a group.
And above all we liked that you answered and cleared our doubts.

We have been able to appreciate the good side of private tours going at our own pace and enjoying both nature and historical heritage.
This has undoubtedly been our most entertaining trip"

León Group. Tour by the la Region of Valencia



"Además de una bellísima persona, eres un guía estupendo"

"You are a beautiful person, and a great guide"

Famtrip of the Region of Valencia with Japanese travel agencies



​"It was a very fun and complete fam trip. Thank you"

Tomatina Tour, organized by Myuushop. Bus from Valencia


IMG_20180829_091640 (1).jpg

"The tomatina has been hilarious"


The old Kingdom of Valencia tour



「旅行の本等では知り得ない、 観光スポットの歴史的背景も詳しく説明して頂きました。うわべだけの観光に飽きたに特にお勧めです。」

"He explained the historical background of the tourist spots that can not be obtained in the travel guide books, etc.
I recommend it to those people who are tired of just taking pictures"

Ángela, Rubén y Santi

The old kingdom of Valencia Tour

Ruben angela y santi.jpg

"Aunque soy valenciano, había cosas que no sabía. Ha estado muy bien la visita"

"Even though I'm from Valencia, there were things I did not know. The tour was very good"


Valencia city center tour


"¡El Tour ha estado super chido!"

"The tour was amazing"

Private Tour



"Thank you Javier. Valencia was a very nice city. You are the Best!
I will contact you again on my return to Valencia"


The old kingdom of Valencia tour


"I could feel the story as we walked through Valencia, it was a very meaningful tour!"

Fallas Tour





"The Fallas tour was very interesting"

The old Kingdom of Valencia tour


"Thank you so much for being our tourist guide, Javier!

It was a very easy tour to understand thanks to the historical background as well as explanations of language and traditions etc., not like those tours where the guide  only say the names of the tourist spots and little else!

I was surprised by your Japanese without limits. Awesome!"